Measuring the blood glucose levels seems to be a thing of the people those who are fitness enthusiasts, but this plays a major role in diabetic people and people undergoing some series of treatment programs. It becomes quite essential for such people to keep a clear cut track of the glucose levels in the body at times when they are critical stage and are undergoing some intensive treatment program under the supervision of a physician. The reading obtained from those devices from time to time helps them to follow a certain diet or exercise to maintain the normal sugar levels in their blood. However, looking for the answer to which is the best Glucometer in India is what turns out to be quite difficult due to the availability of tons of options from different manufacturers? Therefore we are providing you the best Glucometer that is enlisted based on their features, specification, and price as well.

Best Glucometer In India (2019)

1. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Having a proper companion which can give accurate information about your health is quite a compelling option. This BG-03 model of Gluco One Glucometer by Dr. Morepen is one such device that can help you to provide accurate glucose levels quickly and conveniently as well. Although they are not a substitute process for the medical examination procedure, this can surely be used for the general information. However, the obtained results can surely be discussed by the medical practitioner to help you take the necessary steps for proper diet maintenance or required fitness programs.

Features: – 

  • Accurate information for the glucose levels in the blood can be provided by just 0.5Ul of blood for the test in this Dr. Morepen Gluco one Glucometer, which is quite a highlighting feature that everyone looks out for.
  • The device follows a good ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle as well as use it in a proper way.
  • Beeper alert is also present which notifies the completion of the test instantly.
  • The pack also includes some accessories with Glucometer such as Lancing device, Battery, Plastic Case, and 10 lancets, etc.

All these incredible features with the price ranging 500 are quite an appealing deal thus making it the best Glucometer in India from all aspects considered.

2. OneTouch Select Test Strips

A simple blood glucose measuring strip which can bring out the approximate sugar levels from the capillary is surely the best choice from the products available in the market. This test strips from one touch is probably a great value for money due to the incredible tweaks and convenience provided by it. It can show up the quantitative measure of the level of sugar from the sample that is drawn from the fingertips. When it comes to manual check, strips are considered the best for testing as they provide the precise levels of glucose based on specified conditions and the strips shouldn’t be shared by others.

Features: – 

  • The Select test strips from One Touch comes with 60 strips in the box which can be enough for many days to the patients suffering from imbalanced sugar levels often while being in the treatment course or on a concerned diet.
  • One strip can be used only once and also gives the precise result of the strip method.
  • The strip can be used with only the one-touch selects Glucometer which shows the precise levels of glucose levels.
  • Measuring the range of the Glucometer is 10mg/dl to 900mg/dl.

If you are tired of consulting a physician from time to time then this strip and the Glucometer can be a good prop for measuring the blood glucose level.

3. Contour Plus Strips 50 Count

Contour plus Glucometer is one of the most renowned glucose levels measuring device that is known for providing accurate results so far. These 50 counts strips from Contour plus are made to work with its meter to place the blood samples. The impressive part of these strips is that they can measure the accurate blood glucose levels just with the minimum concentration of blood. With those strips and meter, one can have a clear analysis of their progress in the diet or fitness program as advised by the doctor. 

Features: – 

  • Provides reliable readings even with a lower concentration of blood samples applied on the contour plus strips.
  • The reading procedure remains unaffected by many temperatures or surrounding conditions.
  • Haematocrit range of 0 to 70 percentages can be provided with these strips with the advanced algorithm that involves automatic Haematocrit correction.
  • The box of those strips also mentions the use-by date in which one can get the most accurate results in the meters.

These strips from contour plus can be a good support to keep a clear cut track of the progress in the glucose levels under the advice of the doctors and for general purposes too.

4. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter kit

Accu-Chek is also a well-known brand to most of the people due to its advertisements and claims for providing the best results in measuring the blood glucose levels. The whole Glucose meter kit from Accu-Chek Active comes with some impressive power-packed features that you can never regret in a Glucometer. Starting from an accurate measurement of glucose levels in the blood to the alert for the functioning and expiry of the strips, all kinds of features are infused in this device to provide better and precise results. Moreover, alerts from the device are also equally helpful in underdosing or preset setting for pre and post meals reminder and many other customization options.

Features: – 

  • Accurate readings for measuring the blood glucose levels are provided with the Blood Glucometer kit from Acc-Check with the help of all included accessories and precise measuring procedures as well.
  • Even if the device is packed with some incredible feature and extreme options, it follows a good ergonomics while handling and even using for blood samples.
  • The smart functioning features of the device can be accessed by following the manual which comes with the pack.
  • Besides providing the latest and advanced features, it also has safety features built-in it which makes it reliable as well as efficient to use.

Tons of incredible features accompanied with the excellent hardware and advanced algorithm infused in it makes it the all-in-one featured Glucometer stuffed with every feature and options required for the accurate measurement of blood glucose levels. 

5. One-Touch Select Simple Glucometer

Coming from the renowned manufacturer of the health accessories, this simple Glucometer is certainly the best Glucometer brand in India for the patients suffering from the imbalanced glucose levels in the blood. Besides, it is simple to use and can be done by any person without any lengthy procedure or wide learning procedures. Audio alert for high or low glucose levels is also an impressive addition to this device. All you have to do is insert the strip and apply blood on it to get the results instantly on the device within seconds. This enables the patients to take required steps based on the advice of the doctor.

Features: – 

  • The One-touch select simple Glucometer is simple to use by any person which is quite a highlighting feature that can be favorable.
  • Different sound alerts for the high or low glucose levels with the differentiating pattern of the glucose levels can help you recognize the precise levels without any lengthy procedure which is quite an appreciable feature.
  • Indicator arrow is also accompanied by the audio alerts to make you understand the results in a simple way.

The user-friendly features of the One Touch Select Simple Glucometer are the reason that makes it most preferred and the addition of the alert sounds is quite overwhelming from the price point of view.

6. Dr. Trust(USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

Packed with some advanced features such as ketones level warning, the memory of 1000 results and multi modes for testing, this sugar testing Glucometer from Dr. Trust is probably the best device in the market that you may want from years. Besides, all these extreme features and incredible performance, Day Average and Reminder Alarm and LCD are some of the incredible tweaks that take it featuring to a whole new level. 

Moreover, the strip enzyme technology that is involved in the measuring of the blood sugar levels is quite a favorable one as it can also avoid the interference from the blood oxygen variations as well. In addition to this, you can also take out the blood samples from other parts such as the forearm, upper arm, etc which gives proper results in case of inconveniences.

Features: – 

  • The fully automatic Blood Sugar testing Glucometer from Dr. Trust is a completely packed device having several multi-functioning features that most people crave for.
  • A GDH-FAD strip which comes with the device prevents distractions from the blood oxygen interferences.
  • Alert system for imbalance in Ketones level and strip ejection button features which tends to minimize the risk of contagion are greatly helpful features.
  • There are 3 modes namely General mode, blood glucose measurements and AC mode which can be favorable for certain specific requirements.

Besides all those incredible features, reminder alarm function, large backlight, and fully automated options are the compelling features which are completely worth the money to buy it.

7. Contour TS Blood Glucose Test Strips

People with diabetes should keep a record of the glucose levels in their body according to which they could change their diet plans. For this accurate measurement of the blood glucose levels are quite essential and therefore proper functioning blood sample test strips and an efficient Glucometer device as well. This TS Blood Glucose Test Strips from contour is the efficient component for glucose testing in blood along with the Glucometer. Besides delivering the accurate blood glucose level, it can also control much common interference of the surroundings that can differentiate the outcomes while testing too.

Features: – 

  • The Contour TS Blood Glucose Test Strips can deliver accurate results even with the lower concentration of blood sample used for testing.
  • Many commonly occurred interferences can’t bring much change in the outcome.
  • Automatic Haematocrit correction is also possible in it due to the advanced algorithm infused in it which can provide the range of 0 to 70 percent.
  • This can surely keep a clear track of the blood’s glucose level while the treatment program is going on under the advice of a doctor.

These strips can be a good health companion in your treatment program days to measure the blood glucose levels and the use by date is also mentioned in the pack to give accurate readings.

What to Consider When Buying Glucometer?

People having diabetes or any imbalance in glucose levels in the blood need to monitor the glucose levels to keep a clear track of their health while the required treatment program is running on by the doctor.

One can find several Glucometer in the market but choosing the proper device which can show the most accurate readings is what counts for better productivity. The reason for choosing an accurate device is that based on the readings you have to control your diet plans and make better choices about food as well as exercise too.

However, there are certain key factors that one should consider before buying a Glucometer in the market to get the best deal out of it, some of them are

Data storage: – 

One should always prefer a device that has enough memory to store at least the last 10 readings to keep a proper track of it. Modern Glucometer tracks the average of the readings over a week or two or even a month in order to give the proper sugar control. This will also save your time in preparing a separate list including those obtained readings one by one.

Less Test Time: – 

Preferring a device which takes less time to show out the results is best as there are several interferences which may occur from the temperature or environment factors. 

Less concentration of blood sample: – 

If you are going for a thorough treatment program by the consult of your doctor, then you may certainly need checking the glucose levels often. Therefore, to make those tests less painful, you must go with the device that requires less concentration of blood samples for testing.

Ease of use: – 

One should always go with the device that has a simple testing procedure rather than having a list of lengthy procedure which makes the test a bit clumsy and increases the efforts as well. An easy to handle device accompanied with the clear display to show the readings and reliable test strips which gives accurate results are considered the best props for measuring the blood glucose levels. 

Data transfer feature: – 

It is always better to have a connectivity feature in such devices to keep the separate record of the readings obtained from the series of tests done in a while. This also helps you in sharing the recorded data with your physician to get a better outcome from it.

Benefits of Glucometer

People having diabetes need to check the glucose or sugar levels in the blood often while they are going through a treatment program. In this scenario, a self-monitoring device which can measure the accurate blood glucose levels can be highly beneficial. Moreover, there are several benefits of having Glucometer such as

  • In case of high blood sugar levels which may often be a sign of sudden illness or infection as well. This device can be surely helpful in detecting such imbalance in glucose level of the blood which can be highly helpful to such patients.
  • Any kind of imbalance in the glucose levels can be a reason for the change in diet plans and many other factors. Checking the glucose levels can help alter the medicine taken or change the diet plan as required. 
  • These can also be helpful in ensuring the working of medicines consumed too.
  • Hypoglycemia, which occurs due to an imbalance of glucose level can be detected and confirmed by this meter.
  • Reduces additional efforts to consult a doctor often just for blood tests.
  • General usage of Glucometer can bring an awareness of controlling the food intake and fitness programs as well. 

Final words

If you are looking for a proper Glucometer to help you keep a track of the blood glucose levels while you are on the treatment program then the essential factors which should be considered for a better device can be surely helpful. Apart from all those key factors that a Glucometer should possess, the price of the device also plays a major role to get the best deal in the retail store or online store. On the other hand, the offered features and specifications should match the price mentioned too to get a proper value for the money invested on it. Preferring online shopping than the retail store can be quite beneficial in this aspect to stretch out the best deal from the market.

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