Ceiling fans are the most essential and common household appliances in a tropical country like ours. In India, you need to keep your ceiling fan moving for a consistent 8-9 months or sometimes all the year round! If you think in that way, a ceiling fan is directly proportional to the rooms you have in your home. If you have 3, you will surely have 3 fans! And  probably you definitely use 1 or 2 fans regularly on a daily basis.

Perhaps it cannot manipulate the temperature or reduce the humidity level of the room like an air conditioner. But it is an excellent antidote on your heated body. Moreover, you can significantly cut down the electricity bill to quite an extent by turning the ac off when possible.

A ceiling fan has been used for centuries and has evolved so much that now it can drop the temperature of the room by 7 degrees. And if you control the speed with the thermostat depending on the temperature required you can reduce power consumption up to 30%.

The recent models have upgraded themselves with dynamic blades for super fast speed, improved energy efficiency, charming looks to match your interior, silent whirling, remote control operation and so on.

Before you purchase a ceiling fan, you need to understand your requirements like your cooling space, mount type and place, indoor or outdoor use, blade length, BEE rating, and colour variants in contrast with your ceiling paint etc.

You need to be careful in this market because here spending more may not always guarantee a better performance. And if you don’t have the required know-how and information you will get confused and lost in hundreds of models available in the market.

You can visit our buying guide where we have shared detailed information about the essential facts and some other important things like air flow, power consumption and overall build quality.

Let’s check the list of our favourite top 10 ceiling fans before proceeding to the “Buying Guide”. This list is based on real-time experiments, expert’s recommendation and customer’s reactions and reviews.

Top 9 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2019

Ceiling FansNo. Of BladesSpin SpeedWing SpanWarrantyBuy NowOrient Ceiling Fan 3360 RPM1200 mm2 yearsCheck the PriceAmazon Brand – Solimo Ceiling Fan3300 RPM1200 mm2 yearsCheck the PriceCrompton Ceiling Fan3370RPM1200 mm2 yearsCheck the PriceBajaj Ceiling Fan4380 RPM1200 mm2 yearsCheck the PriceLuminous Ceiling Fan 3380 RPM1200 mm1 yearsCheck the PriceUsha Ceiling Fan3350 RPM1200 mm2 yearsCheck the PriceHavells Ceiling Fan4350 RPM1200 mm2 yearsCheck the PriceACTIVA Ceiling Fan3390 RPM1200 mm2 yearCheck the PriceGorilla Ceiling Fan3350 RPM1200 mm2+1 yearsCheck the Price

Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

1. Orient 1200-mm Ceiling Fan 

Good airflow, silent operation, and solid build quality- together they make extraordinary ceiling fans. And the Orient Electric Apex-FX has it all! It is on the top of our list because of the build quality, comprehensive warranty cover and excellent spin speed.

Spin Speed: 360 RPM

Notable Features:

  • Wing sweep- 1200 mm
  • Energy consumption- 78 Watts
  • High-quality copper motor- faster cooling at lower voltage
  • Aesthetic design- very elegant in white and bronze combination and complements room interiors
  • 3 sleek blades- deliver uniform air in every corner
  • Blade material- mild steel
  • 5-speed settings
  • 2 color options- white and brown

Brand and Warranty:

Orient is the largest fan manufacturing brand in India. They provide very good after-sales service to their customers. You get 2 years of warranty on the product.


  • High-speed airflow
  • Low power consumption
  • Silent performance
  • Efficient copper motor
  • Inexpensive


  • It makes some noise at high speeds

 Buy Now From Amazon

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo 1200-mm Ceiling Fan

This particular fan is one of the best-priced ceiling fans on the market. It has 4-star ratings by over 400 customers on Amazon. If you want a neat and clean looking fan which performs well and also saves your money, it is a match for you. The only reason it is placed second is because the build quality is not like Orient-our top recommendation.

Spin Speed:  300 RPM

Notable Features:              

  • Wing sweep- 1200 mm
  • Low power consumption- 66 Watts
  • Smooth and noiseless operation
  • Metal blades and aluminium body for strength and durability
  • Corrosion-resistant polish
  • Available in 3 colors; white, ivory, and brown

Brand and Warranty:

Solimo is owned by Amazon. So you can rest assured about the quality and customer service. The product has 2 years of a comprehensive warranty.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Energy efficient- The fan is exceptionally good at energy savings.
  • Comes in 3 color variations
  • Silent performance
  • Best value for money


  • Average build quality
  • Fanning speed is not as good as expected

 Buy Now at Amazon

3. Crompton 1200-mm Ceiling Fan

This is a very sober-looking fan with a glossy brown finish. And it will look amazing over a light background. On the mechanical side, it is a high-speed fan with zero to very little noise even at high speeds. Good spin speed, silent performance and good warranty cover takes this to the third spot.

Spin Speed: 370 RPM                                                   

Notable Features:

  • Wing sweep- 1200 mm
  • Power consumption 75 Watts
  • Simplistic design with a glossy finish
  • 3 sleek aluminium blades
  • Very silent performance
  • 4-speed settings
  • High-speed fan provides instant comfort
  • Available in brown, ivory and white

Brand and Warranty:

The brand Crompton is mostly famous for making fans and then bulbs.  You get 2 years of warranty on the product.


  • Solid build quality
  • High-speed fan
  • Very silent
  • Neat and clean design
  • Easy to maintain


  • The blade material could be better

 Buy Now at Amazon

4. Bajaj 600-mm Ceiling Fan

This fan is the best fan for a small-sized room. But don’t confuse its size with its performance. It is armed with 4 blades and 5-speed settings. They deliver instant cool breeze directed at you. It is also energy efficient!

Spin Speed: 380 RPM

Notable Features:

  • Wing sweep- 1200 mm
  • 4 aluminium blades- 24-inch
  • Power consumption: only 66 Watts
  • It comes with 3 color options; if you don’t like the basic white version.
  • Quick-start high torque motor- provides instant cool air
  • Double ball bearing- silent operation and higher speeds
  • Electrical steel lamination for long-lasting performance
  • 5-speed settings

Brand and Warranty:

Bajaj products are famous for their affordability and quality. They take care of their customer’s needs. The product also has 2 years of warranty on it.


  • Sends direct cool air
  • Suitable for small rooms like in the kitchen, study room, etc.
  • Powerful performance
  • Solid quality blades


  • The fan makes loud noises at high speeds
  • You may need to buy a separate regulator

 Buy Now at Amazon

5. Luminous 1200-mm Ceiling Fan 

This Indian brand makes some cool and futuristic home appliances. This particular ceiling fan is one of the best selling fans with excellent customer reviews. It is a powerful and robust unit with minimal design. Anyone who wants a high-speed fan with decent looks and reliable performance can go with this.

Spin Speed: 380 RPM

Notable Features:

  • Wing sweep 1200 mm
  • Power consumption- 75 Watts
  • 20% more copper winding on motor- powerful and long-lasting performance
  • Superior quality anti-rust aluminium blades
  • Minimal design with sophisticated looks
  • Available in 3 colors; white, ivory, and black.

Brand and Warranty:

This is a new brand but ruling over the market with their innovative ideas. The fan comes with 1 year of warranty on the product.


  • Solid build quality
  • Light-weight and easy to install
  • Powerful motor reaches high speeds
  • Affordable and total value for money


  • It makes noise at high speeds

 Buy Now at Amazon

6. Usha 1200-mm Ceiling Fan

The Usha ceiling fan is one of the best in its league. The chic white colour blends seamlessly with the ceiling of any room. The air delivery of the Usha Diplomat ceiling fan is 207 mm, and it works by consuming 74 watts. It has blades of 48 inches length and rotates 350 times per minute to generate a cool breeze.

Spin Speed: 350 RPM

Main Features:

  • Number of blades: 03
  • The sweep of this ceiling fan is 1200 mm
  • Designed to perform efficiently even at low voltages
  • The surface of this ceiling fan is glossy
  • The weight of the Usha Diplomat is 7.8 kgs.

Brand and Warranty:

Usha is a trusted Indian brand that has been producing electricals since 1962. The Usha Diplomat has a warranty of 2 years, valid from the date of purchase.


  • Efficient even at low voltage
  • Uniform dispersal of air
  • Sleek design
  • Durable


  • Can make a slight noise at higher speed

 Buy Now at Amazon

7. Havells 1200-mm Ceiling Fan

This dual-colour fan in white and gold with metallic finish will add an aesthetic touch to the interiors of your room. It is one of the popular choices among online buyers as this fan is efficient, has brand value, and is durable. The Havells Leganza fan has four blades to ensure more airflow.

Spin Speed: 350 RPM

Main Features

  • The blades of the Havells Leganza are 48 inches in length
  • It is designed to give superior air delivery
  • Coil material- Copper
  • It works silently
  • It operates by consuming 72 watts for functioning
  • The weight of this ceiling fan is 5 Kgs.

Brand and Warranty:

Havells (Estd. 1958) is yet another Indian brand known for making reliable electrical appliances. There is a 2 years warranty on this ceiling fan by Havells. In case of any query, you can call on 18001031313.


  • Silent working
  • Brand value
  • Swift air dispersal
  • Stylish looks


  • No anti-dust coating (expected at its price)
  • Cost is a bit more

 Buy Now at Amazon

8. ACTIVA 1200-mm Ceiling Fan

Are you looking for a ceiling fan that fits within a tight budget and is superbly energy efficient at the same time? Well, we have got the Activa High-Speed fan for you. It has three blades, a pocket-friendly price tag and uses only 28 watts of energy to give high-speed wind. The brown colour of this fan will not require much maintaining and will offer a classy look.

Spin Speed: 390 RPM

Main Features:

  • 5 Start rated in saving energy
  • Coil material- Copper
  • Blade size is 48 inches
  • Number of blades- 03
  • Uses X Flow technology that generates more air
  • Compatible with invertors

Brand and Warranty:

Activa is not a popular brand to date. However, this ceiling fan can be trusted upon owing to the number of positive reviews on Amazon.in.The Activa ceiling fan comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  • Aerodynamically designed blades
  • High-speed
  • Inverter compatibility
  • Consumes very less energy
  • Affordable


  • Slightly noisy at higher speeds
  • Basic looks

 Buy Now at Amazon

9. Gorilla 1200-mm Ceiling Fan

This white and black ceiling fan by Gorilla is sleek, efficient, and comes with quite a few features. It has three blades of 48 inches length. This fan provides you comfort in two ways. First, this fan generates soothing air. Second, you can efficiently operate the Gorilla ceiling fan with a remote controller, which it comes with.

Additionally, there are blue LED lights on the fan itself. The number of dots lets you know the speed, which you can adjust accordingly. It is highly energy-efficient and uses only 29 watts (1 watt for led light and 28 watts for the fan) to operate. You can also use the timer to switch it off at a pre-scheduled time.

Spin Speed: 350 RPM

Main Features:

  • It has LED light-indicator for indicating the speed
  • Number of blades- 03
  • It comes with a remote controller
  • Length of the fan blades are 48 inches
  • It uses a BDLC motor- Saves power and is highly efficient
  • Anti-dust accumulation paint coating
  • This fan has a timer feature
  • It has a ‘sleep mode’ and a ‘boost mode’
  • You can turn off the LED light indicators by using the remote

Brand and Warranty:

Gorilla is not a well-known brand. But it manufactures electrical appliances loaded with features. The total warranty period on this ceiling fan is 2+1 years of on-site warranty. The first two years falls under warranty as a matter of fact. However, you will have to register the barcode via call/ WhatsApp on 844 844 9442 to avail an additional year of warranty.


  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Has timer feature
  • Low maintenance as it has anti-dust paint
  • Indicates the speed of the fan with LED lights
  • Is value for money buying option
  • Extended warranty period


  • This fan can be regulated only through the remote
  • Brand value is less

 Buy Now at Amazon

Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Ceiling Fan

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans are must-have electrical appliance for home. Usually most of us don’t pay much attention to the features and capabilities of the ceiling fan. But just like any other appliance, you have to check out certain factors while purchasing a ceiling fan.

With the temperatures we are facing now-a-days, we cannot imagine an hour without ceiling fan. Well with this, the percentage of power bill from ceiling fans is much higher than other equipment. This is one of the reasons, why you should invest some time in choosing the right one.

Not many of us are aware of things to look out for in a ceiling fan. That is why we have assorted all the possible information below for your reference….

1. Pick the Right Sized Ceiling Fan

This is the first feature you have to check in a ceiling fan. This helps to determine whether that particular product is suitable enough for your room or not. To be precise, the square foot of the root determines the right ceiling – because too small or too big ones will not sufficient enough to circulation air properly.

To give a clear picture, we have mentioned the fan size according to room size…

Ceiling Fan Size Vs Room Size

Room Size (sqare feet)Room TypeBlade SpanUnder 144Small Bedrooms, bathroom, utility, porches, or small nooks42” or below Fan144 -225Kitchen, medium sized bedrooms, patios or dining rooms44” – 50”225 – 400Big bedrooms, living rooms, small garages, family room, gazebosAbove 50”Over 400Large rooms, garages, basements or open floorAbove 62”

2. No. of Blades

Generally, most of the ceiling fans come with 3 blades. However, some of them come up with 2, 4, or 5 blades. Not just the number, even the size of the blade also matters when it comes to choosing the appropriate one.

Most of us believe that – more blades the fan has, the cooler the air will be. But that is not exactly true. When a fan has more blades, it puts more weight on the motor – which reduces the efficiency of the air flow. If the fan has lesser blades, the motor will not have additional weight on it – the results will generate more air flow and better windy chilly effect. Blade size and shape ensures air properly picked and circulated around of the room.

3. Blade Pitch

Blade pitch is actually the angle measured between horizontal plane and blade title. The pitch at which the blades are arranged make a huge difference in air circulation amount throughout the room. Usually, the blade pitch recommended is 12 – 15 degrees. If it is more than that, then it affects the efficiency of the fan motor – which ultimately increases the electricity bills.

4. Length of Drop Rod 

A drop rod is the thing that holds the ceiling fan. This length helps the fan to circulate the proper air circulation. Below, is the table which guides you choose the appropriate drop rod length based on room size.

Ceiling Height (Feet)Drop Rod Length (Inches) 9121018112412361348

5. Air Flow Rate

Airflow rate is the amount of air moved by ceiling fan per unit time in a room. It is usually measured in cubic feet per minute. The appropriate airflow rate of a ceiling fan has to be more than 6000 CFM. But most of the ceiling fans present in the market have airflow between 4000 to 5000 CFM. This airflow is reasonable enough to bring down temperature and maintain proper air circulation indoors.

6. Powerful Motor

The presence of motor in ceiling fan is responsible for smooth and noiseless operation of the fan and ensures optimum air movement throughout the room. High-quality motors with heavy duty copper winding and sealed bearings work for longer period of time compared to less powerful motors. Whereas, low-quality motor may be cheaper, but produce high operating temperature and cause low air-circulation.

7. Energy Efficient

Apart from delivering good performance, a ceiling fan has to be energy efficient as well. For assuring that, many fan manufacturing companies have providing energy efficiency star rating to all their products. You can look out the specifications BEE (The Bureau of Energy Efficient) on the product features list. The higher the energy is, the lower is the energy consumption. Also remember that, some ceiling fans come with lights, remote control and other advanced features – they consume more power than a traditional one

8. Ceiling Fan Control

Most standard ceiling fans come with a wall switch and regulator that can be used to switch on/off the fan and control its speed. Some fans also come with pull chain control. Some high end ceiling fans come with handheld remote which may control the fan speed, multiple fans and the fan lights. Choose any option as per your requirement.

9. Ceiling Fan Budget and Warranty 

Apart from the features and functionalities, you should also be aware of how much you are investing on ceiling fan. In this article, we’ve mentioned the cost of ceiling fan ranging from 1200 to 25000. The price variation is due to the material quality, air delivery rate, LED lights and remote control options.

If you are looking for budget-friendly ceiling fans, then go with the basic models. Otherwise, choose the advanced models with BLDC ceiling fan, remote control ceiling fan, etc. Also, make sure the product is covered under warranty which minimizes the repairing costs.

Maintenance of Ceiling Fans

Usually, ceiling fans don’t require much maintenance. But caring it for once in a while can increase its lifespan. Some of the maintenance tips include…

  • Once in a while, lubricate the fan’s motor. This ensures smooth operation for a long time.
  • After sometime, ceiling fans may make noise due to vibrations. So, once you observe the noise, change the ball bearings.
  • Never interchange the blades as it can affect the operation.
  • Make sure the fan blades are cleaned regularly. If dust accumulates on the blades, it makes the fan heavier which ultimately affects the operation.

How to clean a Ceiling Fan?

As much as ceiling fans are a must in every home in India, it is probably the most neglected piece of equipment when it comes to cleaning and taking care of it.

Regular cleaning is mandatory to keep a ceiling fan working perfectly as the way it should or else due to dust and debris, it might get damaged in the long run. But have you ever noticed how difficult it becomes when cleaning a ceiling fan? Even if you succeed in cleaning the blades you end up covering yourself with dirt and what not!

Here we have 3 quick and easy tricks that you can apply while cleaning your ceiling fans.

1. Pillow Cover method:

The easiest and the most popular way to remove dust build up from ceiling fans. Check it out!

Products you will need:

  • Pillow covers
  • Step ladder/ stool


Step 1: Take a pillow-cover and put it around a blade, same like you do with a pillow

Step 2: Wipe the dust off from both sides and corners carefully

Step 3: Pull the pillow cover back

Step 4: Take it outside of the room, turn it inside-out and shake it well to get rid of most of the dust

Step 5: Repeat it for each of the blades

All the dust and ashes will be collected inside the pillow cover.

Once the bulk of dust is removed you can use a rag to wipe any dust residuals. Take the pillow cover and simply wash with warm water.

2. Barbecue Tongs Method

Didn’t like the pillowcase method? Here is another way to clean the blades in one go!

Products you will need:

  • Barbecue Tongs
  • Rags/old towel
  • Rubber bands


Step 1: Take an old terry towel and warp the two arms of the tongs with it

Step 2: Secure the wrapping using two rubber bands in each tong

Step 3: Clip the fan blades between the fan blades

Step 4: Drag the towel wrapped tongs from inside to the outside of the blades

Step 5: Repeat it on each side

This method is similar to ironing your hair, just drag the rags the way you drag the iron along your hair length.

By this method, both the top and the bottom sides get cleaned in one sweep. Dust particles are collected inside the rags without falling on the floor.

3. Long-armed Duster

If your fan is placed on a high ceiling or if you are scared or don’t have an option to climb up a step ladder, you should use a long-armed duster for cleaning.

Products you will need:

  • Long duster
  • Mouth cover
  • Large cloth sheet


Step 1: Put the cloth sheet underneath the fan to catch dirt while wiping the blades.

Step 2: Cover your mouth and nose with a piece of cloth

Step 3: Take the dry duster and start cleaning from the canopy or mounting area

Step 4: Dust the motor cover

Step 5: Dust both top side and bottom side of the blades

Pick up the sheet from the floor, take it outside and shake the dust off before washing.

Note: To prevent frequent dust build up, use 1 part of fabric conditioner with 4 parts of water. Spray this solution on a microfiber cloth to wipe the blades.

You can also use a dust-repellent spray; you can find them online or in a grocery store.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does a Ceiling Fan Cool the Room?

A ceiling actually doesn’t cool the room, instead it makes the occupants to cool down. The air breeze circulated from a properly placed and sized ceiling fan will cool the occupant – this is achieved by disrupting the stagnant air that is surrounding the occupants. This will eventually lead increase body’s heat loss.2. How many blades is best for ceiling fan?

According to the basic principle, as the number of blades increase, the quieter it gets and less amount of air it circulates. Additional blades will increase the weight on the fan motor and obviously slows down. This is the main reason why industrial fans and wind turbines have only 2 or 3 blades. So, it is better to have 3 blades to get enough circulation in the room.3. What are the benefits of getting a ceiling fan?

There are basically 3 advantages of having a ceiling fan…
Low energy costs – When compared to air conditioning, ceiling fans consume much less power. As it has low
power motor, it will consume less power which eventually save your pocket.
Versatility – Most of us ignore the fact that a ceiling fan is the most ignored electrical appliance. But we cannot ignore the fact that it gives a different look to your interiors, making it more unique.
Stylish – With different colors and styles, a ceiling fan adds a style statement to your home. They will not only cool down the temperature but also brighten the room.4. Do ceiling fans really cool down the temperature in the room?

Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans do not cool the space in the room. However, a ceiling fan can cool down the occupants in the room.5. Is it safe enough to leave the ceiling fan on all night?

Yes, it is considered safe enough even if you leave the ceiling fan for a really long time. It is even safe to leave it on even there is no occupant in the room. It may be helpful in maintaining proper air circulation and proper room temperature.6. How long a ceiling fan should be hanged?

They have to be placed in the middle of the room. It has to be at least 7 feet above the floor and 18 inches from the ceiling. If it is possible, you can install it 8 – 9 feet above the floor. It provides proper airflow.7. Does a ceiling fan catch fire?

In some cases, where a motor is overheated then it may cause ceiling fan to catch fire. Apart from that, bad wiring is also a reason for catching fire. Loose wiring can cause sparks that can eventually cause a fire.8. Can a ceiling fan be placed too close to ceiling?

For providing enough air circulation, a ceiling fan requires to move lots of air. That is why it has to be placed at enough distance from the ceiling and optimize the pitch of blades. If the fan is installed too close to the ceiling, then it may not have enough space to push the air towards the floor.9. Ceiling fans or floor fans, which one is better?

In terms of operation, tower/floor fans are much quieter. For a larger room, ceiling fans are much better as they provide enough air circulation. However, if you want to move the fan from one place to another, then floor or tower fans can be useful.10. Are the operation costs of fans expensive?

Even worst ceiling fans can cost an average of few rupees per hour to run. The running costs are actually pretty negligible that is why ceiling fans are considered a great energy saving alternative for air conditioners.11. Are ceiling fans supposed to tremble or make noise?

Usually, balance is the reason for the noise or wobbling. Though a slight wobble or little noise is normal but if it is annoying then it is better to get it checked by an electrician.12. Which fan is appropriate for a sloped ceiling?

Some of the fans are specially designed to fit and work on sloped/ angled ceilings. If you are looking for a fan for an angled ceiling, then I recommend to check out the instructions and specifications provided by the manufacturer before the purchase. Usually, the ceiling fan designed for angled fans has a separate sloped-ceiling mounting kit. But remember that a normal ceiling (which is not designed for sloped ceiling) is not recommend to fix on an angled ceiling.13. What are some of the best and popular ceiling fan brands available in the market?

Some of the popular brands include Havells, Crompton, Usha, Orient, Orpat and Luminous.

Few Words Before Wrapping…

It is a very important decision to choose the best ceiling fan suitable for your own requirements. If it is about power delivery, classy design, wing-span and warranty, our recommendation is undoubtedly Orient 1200-mm Ceiling Fan . But if you want a more energy efficient option by compromising on build quality and some features, you can also go for Amazon Brand – Solimo 1200-mm Ceiling Fan.

Overall, these are our top picks and each one of them can be very efficient in their own ways. Do let us know your pick on the comment section below!

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